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Halloween Costumes And Ideas -- Home Made or Commercial Made?

There are tons of commercial halloween costumes at the local stores. Looking at the cost and the apparent lack of imagination (how many others bought the same outfit?), I feel that there is nothing that beats home made.

I have put together a few ideas for you to play with. I tried to make them cheap and easy - You just need to add some imagination:

All you need is (Colored) Tights, Boxes, Paint, Glue and Make Up --- and you have your own Home Made Halloween Costumes...

Angels and Fairies - Chiffon Angel, Evil Pixie, Graveyard Fairy, Gothic Pixie

Animals - Bee, Bid Bad Wolf, Bumble Bee, Chicken Suit, Fantastic Feline, Ferocious Gorilla

Biblical - Cardinal, Monk Robe, Pontiff, Nun, Priest

Mascot - America Eagle Mascot, Bee Mascot, Black Panther Mascot, Bunny Mascot

Renaissance - Crusader, Enchantress of Camelot, Guinevere, Morgana the Evil Sorceress, Mystic Gypsy

Sexy - After Five Bunny, Barister Coffee Girl, Bat Woman, Blushing Bride, Cleavage in the Convent

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